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The NeuroLAT Assessment identifies your child’s current cognitive deficiencies (if any). This enables us to create a personalized and comprehensive brain training regimen for their particular needs.

NeuroLAT's Founder

NeuroLAT is the brainchild of renowned educational psychologist and higher learning abilities expert, Dr. Ng Meng Lek, who has spent more than 20 years, formulating a series of powerful cognitive training program that effectively improves the learning of students aged 3 and above.

This cognitive training has yielded proven success for thousands of students, from children to adults in both mainstream and special needs schools.

Why NeuroLAT?

Uniquely Personalised Program

Customised and progressive lessons that are generated by Artificial Intelligence to train and optimize your child’s 35+ learning abilities. On-demand lessons can be accessed anytime, anywhere with internet access.

  • There are lesson scores and time taken for each lesson which you can view at the end of each lesson.
  • The system allows a maximum of 3 training lessons per day.
  • A detailed diagnosis report will be available to review your child's progress.

Proven, Recognised & Effective

Proven results with over 30 years of higher learning research and practice on students from the mainstream and with special needs, with recent published journal that attests to its effectiveness to increase executive functioning on students with autism too.

  • NeuroLAT is the world’s first and only cognitive training program, powered by artificial intelligence, individually customized for each child. This on-demand flexibility enables a child to resume the lessons anytime, anywhere, as long as there is Internet access on the laptop, iPad or Tablet. Your child can also split the lessons into 2 or 3 segments in a day to fit into his/her timetable, doing it in the comfort of the home.
  • The NeuroLAT system will monitor the child’s progress and up the level of difficulty and number of questions accordingly, so the improvement can be accelerated with regular and consistent practice.
  • Such an A.I. home-based online program saves parents and the child’s traveling time, energy and money, and yet enjoying highly effective and results-proven brain training.

The Personal Touch

Specially selected and dedicated onboarding teachers are attached to students to help familiarise them with the program to encourage and keep them progressing on track. We support parents and students all year round, Monday to Sunday.

Trackable Progress

Easy log in and remote access to your child’s quarterly scientific reports on his/her personal dashboard. Daily scores can be reviewed, after each lesson. Fast, convenient and flexible to fit your child’s daily time-table.


Years to formulate a series of powerful cognitive training program


Countries worldwide have adopted the NeuroLAT program


Languages are available


Just 6 months into the NeuroLAT program, he was able to understand audio instructions and to act accordingly. His teachers reported that he can now memorize more words, numbers and pictures in class. He was even able to commit songs to memory and play the piano by ear!

Joshua’s mother is delighted that the online cognitive training has also helped him to analyze patterns and complete his Maths homework much faster.

Her distraught parents chanced upon the NeuroLAT program and bought it for her to help her with her memory, problem-solving, mathematics, reading, writing, logic, and language comprehension.

Within 1 month into the NeuroLAT program, she started scoring 85% in her Maths exams. After just 9 months of consistent training, she scored 95% for all her academic subjects and was selected for admission into an elite school.

and aggressively grabbing people’s phone without asking because of a lack of executive functioning skills that include proficiency in adaptable thinking, planning, self-monitoring, self-control, working memory, time management, and organization.

After just 10 days of online cognitive training, he stopped spitting everywhere and started to swallow his saliva. He also stopped playing with his urine and improved his social skills. From being a very introverted person to keep to his room all the time, he began to seek out his father and brother to watch TV together after dinner.

Teik Wah loves routine and trains consistently every day. By the ninth month, he started to learn the piano and progressed from Grade 1 to Grade 2 within 1 year. He passed his Grade 5 theory exams in May 2019 and conducted piano recitals in various community settings in Malaysia.

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