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Meet Michelle Lim, an accomplished parenting coach and writer with over 7 years of experience working with professionals, families, and children. Her impressive skillset includes being a certified preschool educator, babywearing specialist, breastfeeding mentor, and baby whisperer. Michelle's also a parent herself to three wonderful children.

Growing up in The Netherlands for almost 15 years, Michelle gained a unique perspective on how families work across different cultures, which has become an invaluable asset in her work.

Michelle has walked the challenging journey of divorce, experienced the unique responsibilities of single parenting, overcome childhood trauma, embraced the complexities of co-parenting, and found love again through remarriage.

Michelle's passion for parenting is so strong that she once tried to teach her hamster how to sit. But don't worry, she's learned her lesson and now focuses on helping human parents develop positive, effective strategies that promote healthy relationships with their children. You can keep up with her personal life and wise (and sometimes wacky moments) insights and tips on Instagram and TikTok @mixuewr.

You can rest easy knowing that Michelle has your back when it comes to navigating the complex and rewarding world of parenting.

Michelle: Baby whisperer by day, beauty queen by night.

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